Where: Lucca

Duration: 5 hours

Service Type: Car hire with driver

Place of departure: Optionally

Nr. Participants: 1-19 Persons

Many are the things to do in Lucca, the city by the immense wealth and historical monuments for which she also advanced the proposal to include the historical center in the World Heritage List UNESCO. Starting with the almost intact walls that surround it.

You can reach the hystorical center by one of the six gates in the walls built between 1500 and the early 900. Other gates, dating back to the front walls are still tracked visible within the current boundary, it comes at Antica Porta San Donato (1590), in the square of the Opera headquarters of the Walls, Porta San Gervasio (1198) and Porta dei Borghi.

The old town has preserved its medieval appearance, thanks to the valuable architectures, ancient and numerous churches (Lucca is also called the city of 100 churches), the many towers, bell towers and monumental renaissance buildings. Between the towers, to be counted definitely the Clock Tower with its 50 meters height is the highest, and where you can admire the hand-made clock mechanism and the internal wooden staircase of 207 steps still preserved; and Guinigi Tower, one of the most representative monuments of Lucca, with the presence of some oaks on its top.